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Advantages of packing compressors

Simple design: Compressors for packing are relatively easy to manufacture and design

The construction of packing compressors is robust. They are usually constructed from tough materials.

Efficiency: Packing compressors can be very effective.

Reliable: Compressors for packing are usually highly reliable and can last for an extended lifespan

Low maintenance: Compressors for packing require minimal maintenance.


How Packing Compressors Work?

  • The piston is driven by a crankshaft and moves up and down in the cylinder.
  • As the piston moves up, it compresses the gas in the cylinder.
  • The packing seals the piston and cylinder and prevents gas from leaking past the piston.
  • The gas is discharged from the compressor through a discharge valve.


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what is a packing compressor?

A packing compressor is a type of compressor that uses packing to seal the piston and cylinder. Packing is made up of a series of rings that are compressed between the piston and the cylinder wall. This creates a seal that prevents gas from leaking past the piston.

Packing compressors are typically used in applications where high pressure is required. They are also used in applications where the gas being compressed is corrosive or toxic. Packing compressors are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. They can be either single-stage or multi-stage.


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